Taipei 101 shows "Love Taiwan" mark after 2008 New Year's Eve in Taipei, Taiwan

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A "Love Taiwan" symbol appeared during the fireworks.
Image: ChunDer Lee.

In the "2008 Taipei City New Year Countdown Party", several local and foreign media focused on the fireworks of the Taipei 101 due to the notability of the skyscraper world-wide.

After some criticism from government executives because some wordmarks by sponsors appeared on the Taipei 101, the Taipei Financial Center (owner of Taipei 101) decided to set up 12,000 sparklers 500 meters tall from the 34th floor to the top of the tower on the 101st floor.

Even though the ingredients of the sparklers were made in China, Vice President of Taipei 101 Michael Liu commented that the idea issues on quality of production and trends of industry.

The "Love Taiwan" Symbol.
Image: ChunDer Lee.

According to TV channel TVBS, the light of "Love Taiwan" wordmarks accidentally appeared before the celebration while President of the Republic of China Shui-bian Chen addressed in the "2008 Dream More Kaohsiung" New Year Celebration in Kaohsiung City. After the Taipei City Government became aware of this accident and remonstrated against current Chairman of Taipei 101 Diana Chen, the Taipei 101 re-lighted the wordmark after successfully celebrating New Year's.

After this incident, Michael Liu said to media: "We [Taipei 101] earlier lighted (the wordmarks) in a rush after we received a call from the Executive Yuan. Originally, we didn't consider to do this."

Current Mayor of Taipei Lung-pin Hau regretted the incident and hoped the Executive Yuan could notify the government in the future of the incident. The Minister of the Government Information Office Jhy-wey Hsieh complained in the City's Government of the sponsorships. The 2008 Taipei City New Year Countdown Party was apparently "faded" with political factor.


All the sources are in Chinese.