TV stations are watching the flood in Dresden

Sunday, April 2, 2006

RTL Übertragungswagen in Dresdener Altstadt

Not only do the citizens of the cities near rivers with rising water in Germany have sleepness nights - the flood also means more work for TV and radio stations as well. At 04:00 UTC the river Elbe had risen to a level of 7.36 meters, with the river continuing to rise. RTL, a local news agency, along with several other agencies have positioned themselves at critical points along the river in order to provide TV and radio users with information.

The media can be found at these critical points along the river where they expect something unusual to happen, or where efforts are being made to protect cultural assests of the city. Equipped with satellite uplinks, video editing tools, and other means to make the filmed clips ready for broadcasting, RTL has positioned itself near the "Radeberger Schankwirtschaft" at the Brühlsche Terrassen. Helpers there have tried for the past few days to keep the water away from the restaurant, using a dam of sandbags.

This article is translated original reporting from German Wikinews