Sydney off-ramp to charge $1.20 for 200m drive

Saturday, May 20, 2006

The New South Wales Roads and Traffic Authority announced Friday night that a AUD$1.20 toll will be charged on a pair of new 200 metre long on and off ramps from the Warringah Freeway to Falcon Street, North Sydney.

According to the RTA the ramps are part of the Lane Cove Tunnel project. The new ramps are being constructed so that traffic can enter and leave Falcon Street from the Northern side of the Warringah Freeway. At present, there are only on and off ramps on the Southern side of the intersection.

The Southern ramps will remain toll-free.

According to the RTA, the toll was set at $1.00 in 1999. Inflation has been applied to that value to bring it to the $1.20 that will be charged when the ramps open. Heavy vehicles will pay $2.40 to use the ramps, although commercial buses will not be tolled.

As with all of Sydney's newest toll roads, tolls will be collected electronically.

Neither NSW Premier Morris Iemma nor transport minister Eric Roozendaal has commented on the tolling arrangements for the ramps.

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