Sunnis withdraw from Iraqi government

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Sunni half of the Iraqi government, also known as the Sunni Accordance Front, is withdrawing from the Iraqi government. Reports are also saying that Iraqi's Deputy Prime Minister, Salam al-Zaubai, will resign after more than 70 people were killed in suicide bombings in Baghdad.

According to reports, the Front is withdrawing from the government because Iraq's Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki, has not responded to at least a dozen demands made by the Front. They include having more of a "say" in the security and protection of Iraq, and call for the release of prisoners who are not being charged with crimes.

"The government is continuing with its arrogance, refusing to change its stand and has slammed shut the door to any meaningful reforms necessary for saving Iraq. We had hoped that the government would respond to these demands or at least acknowledge the failure of its policies, which led Iraq to a level of misery it had not seen in modern history. But its stand did not surprise us at all," said one of the leaders of the front, Rafaa al-Issawi, to reporters during a press conference.

The Iraqi government released a statement denying the Fronts claims, stating "our goal has been always the continuation of the active political participation and that everybody shoulders his [Maliki] responsibility in running the country and making the decisions. We will maintain contacts with all blocs, including the Accordance Front."

The Front is made up of 44 members, all of whom held a seat in the parliament of Iraq which totaled 275.