St Louis Cardinals win baseball's World Series

Monday, October 31, 2011

2024 World Series results
Game Home Away Innings
Game 1 Cardinals 3 2 Rangers
Game 2 Cardinals 1 2 Rangers
Game 3 Rangers 7 16 Cardinals
Game 4 Rangers 4 0 Cardinals
Game 5 Rangers 4 2 Cardinals
Game 6 Cardinals 10 9 Rangers 11 inn
Game 7 Cardinals 6 2 Rangers
Allen Craig batted a home run in the final game for the Cardinals

St Louis Cardinals defeated Texas Rangers over seven games to win baseball's World Series for an eleventh time yesterday.

The Cardinals won the last game 6–2, with the highlights of the game being a solo home-run for batter Allen Craig and defensive pitching by Chris Carpenter.

A record 47,399 supporters filled Busch Stadium in St Louis to watch the game, with thousands more outside the ground.

The Cardinals were trailing 3–2 going into the sixth game, but won a narrow victory with World Series Most Valuable Player David Freese guiding his team to victory. Greg Heakes of the Sydney Morning Herald called him the "hero" of an "epic" game.

Freese was also active in the finale with a double in the first inning to cancel out two early Texas runs. Playing in place of injured left fielder Matt Holliday, Craig's homer in the third put the hosts into the lead for the first time.

The fifth inning saw two walked in runs for the Cardinals as their lead stretched to 5–2, and Yavier Molina drove in Lance Berkman to round off the game in the seventh.

Carpenter struck out five Rangers batsmen throughout the game, throwing five scoreless innings as Rangers' batsmen struggled.

Texas manager Ron Washington was respectful in defeat. "Someone has to win, someone has to lose and the Cardinals did it. They were the better team."

The defeat was Texas' second successive World Series loss, coming after a defeat to San Francisco Giants last year. This is the first time since August that they have lost two games in a row.