Southampton contemplate Theo Walcott transfer

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Southampton bosses are now contemplating the sale of one of their top players, 16-year old Theo Walcott to the highest bidder. Currently, Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea have put in bids for the player, although he admits that he wants to transfer to his childhood dream-club, Arsenal.

Walcott and his family are keen to take his current skills to an even higher plataeu, and feel that only this kind of skill could be achieved with Arsenal, despite the fact that other clubs have offered to outbid Arsenal. He is likely to make the move to Arsenal's squad when his current contract runs out on his 17th Birthday.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is as happy about the move as Walcott himself is. Despite the fact Southampton has released no details of the proceedings, Wenger let slip that the deal was almost done, after revealing he was buying "two and a half" players; Emmanuel Abedayor, Abo Daiby — Walcott being referred to has the "half". When interviewed on his interest in the striker, he revealed that he had been watching him and was a big admirer

"He's a quality player, I rate him personally, and we're currently looking at him. ... Ideally we would want Theo to join us straight away but it would not be a deal-breaker if Southampton say they want him to finish the season there."'"