Somalia - Peace deal signed to unite government and Islamists

Monday, September 4, 2006

An agreement to create a new alliance between the powerful Islamic Courts movement in Somalia and the Somalian provisional government has been reached. The agreement calls for peaceful coexistance between the two groups, and the establishment of a national police and military force. The agreement goes on to call on Somalia's neighbours to maintain peaceful relations and repect the territorial integrity of Somalia.

The agreement was reached after three days of negotiations that were mediated by the Arab League, and have set 30 October as the date for a provisional power sharing agreement to be established.

"I am delighted by the signing of this agreement that will pave the way for the pacification of Somalia," said Ibrahim Hassan Addow, chief of the Islamist delegation. "As the Islamic courts, we will implement this agreement that has been made here in Khartoum and we call upon the government to do the same."

"The Somali people are tired of war, They no longer want to see a continuation of factional fighting. The time to make peace has come and we will not hesitate to take all opportunities to ensure our country is peaceful." said deputy prime minister Abdullahi Sheikh Ismail.

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