Small plane crash in Florida destroys home

Friday, April 17, 2009

A small plane crashed Friday morning into a house in Florida after taking off from the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport.

The twin engine aircraft is believed to be a Cessna 421. A Federal Aviation Administration spokesperson has said that one person was on board the 8 passenger plane. Authorities report that no one was at home when the crash occurred just before noon hour.

File photo of A Cessna 421 similar to the plane involved in the accident

The pilot, 80-year-old Cecil A. Murray, has not been found, but authorities say he did not survive the crash.

"The house was a total loss. The plane went right into the center of the house," said Mike Jachles, Broward Sheriff's Office spokesman.

A neighbour rushed over and knocked on windows before the heat became too intense. Firefighters immediately attended to the blaze and tried to determine the amount of aircraft fuel present in the area. The plane also took out power lines in its descent resulting in a loss of power to 1,645 homes in the neighbourhood.

The intended destination was Fernandina Beach, Florida. Chaz Adams, from the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, reported that the plane radioed back to the tower for permission to turn around due to problems in flight.