Slovenian alpinist rescued from Himalayan peak

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Nanga-Parbat peak
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Early Wednesday morning (5:30 am local time), the Pakistani military helicopter Lama III rescued Slovenian alpinist Tomaž Humar, who went up on a solo climb on one of the highest peaks in the Himalayas.

Humar became trapped by a bad weather and avalanches in a ice-cave on 5 August at an approximate height of 5900 meters with no food left for the last few days. After Mr. Humar was back in the base-camp, the mission medic Dr. Anda Perdan said he has some very beginning of chilblains on his toes, but she expects there will be no serious consequences. By one of the Slovenian news-sites - Srečen, na trdnih tleh, he decided to stay in the base-camp after the rescue mission (and not being taken to the hospital), however, by the Reuters news agency, he has been later taken to a hospital located in the mountain town of Gilgit.

This article is a continuing story of the Slovenian alpinist in rescue on Nanga Parbat.