Six people die in bus crash near Phoenix, Arizona

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Map of the Arizona Interstate system, with Interstate 10 in red

Multiple people are reported dead after an early Friday bus crash near Phoenix, Arizona. The Arizona Department of Public Safety stated that there were "multiple fatalities and serious injuries" in the incident.

The collision occurred south of Phoenix, near milepost 173 on Interstate 10. Public Safety barred westbound traffic lanes and could not specify any time when these lanes would open. Six people have died while seven more are in critical condition. 10 others received less severe injures

Local ABC broadcaster, KNXV-TV, said the crash occurred 5:27 AM local time (UTC 12:27). Apart from the buses, it involved two trucks and multiple cars. The buses, which lie at one side of the road, are covered by debris, according to witnesses. The ladders of the rescue workers leaned against its side. The bus was badly damaged with most of its windows broken.

An emergency site was constructed to treat the casualties. The injured were gathered on a tarp in the road before being transported by ambulances and helicopters.