Shots reported during Superdome evacuation

Thursday, September 1, 2005

Air evacuation of the Superdome was temporarily halted Thursday after shots were reportedly fired at a military helicopter.

Evacuations by bus continue, despite an early news report to the contrary. Thousands of people taking temporary shelter in the Superdome and nearby areas in New Orleans are being evacuated after Mayor Ray Nagin ordered a complete evacuation of the city, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Evacuees will be taken to the Astrodome in Houston, Texas.

Looting has become an increasing concern, as looters and gangs are beginning to rob hotels and hospitals. Some looters have even been able to take guns from abandoned shops. Officials say that they are concerned about the increasing number of people with guns. Police officers stranded on the roof of a hotel reported shots fired at them.

President George W. Bush plans to visit the affected areas on Friday. Former Presidents Bill Clinton and George H. W. Bush are expected to lead a private fund-raising campaign for the victims of the hurricane, similar to the campaign after the oceanic earthquake and resulting tsunami in late 2004.