Seventeen year old accused of raping four year old in Kherwadi, Mumbai

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A seventeen year old resident of a slum in Bandra, Mumbai, India, along with his sixteen year old friend, has been accused of raping his four year old neighbour in his home when his parents were away yesterday around 22:00 (+5.5 UTC). The boys, both minors, are scheduled to appear in juvenile court today.

The four year old girl was called to Bindu's home to mop some spilled water where he and his friend allegedly raped her. They then warned her not to tell anything about what happened there. The girl was left deserted in front of her home by the boys later.

Her mother was shocked to see the girl bleeding all over. Their parents, along with the child, rushed to V. N. Desai hospital where she is being treated. One of the neighbours said, "Though Bindu [the accused] was very mischievous, we never expected that he would do such a thing." Bindu's father was also unreachable.