Set of CSI: Miami becomes real crime scene

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Police were called to the set of the television crime show, CSI: Miami during filming, when a real body was seen washing up on shore.

A police officer for the Miami Dade Police Department spotted the body while he was working on the show which was being filmed in Bicentennial Park in Miami, Florida.

The cast of the show were attempting to get shots from the air using a helicopter when the officer spotted the body floating a few yards from the set's location.

"Unfortunately, it's not unusual during certain times of the year that people who have fallen in the bay, either homeless people or people who were asleep or in some cases boaters who had a mishap, fall into the bay and turn up days later," said Delrish Moss, a detective for Miami Police.

There is no word on what caused the individual's death, but police say an autopsy will be performed on the body.

Earlier in the week, the set of CSI: New York was also turned into a real crime scene when a mummified body was discovered inside a building located in Los Angeles, California where the show was being filmed.

The Miami Herald reported an unnamed source as saying that the corpse "was discovered by a building engineer who checked on the tenant because he had not paid rent for the month."

CSI: New York just finished filming an episode with a similar plot.