Serbian government gives scholarships to students studying abroad

Thursday, July 14, 2005

One hundred students from Serbia who decide to pursue graduate studies abroad will get €15,000 a year scholarships from the Fund for Young Talents. Students who wish to apply must have at least an 8.5 GPA on 5 to 10 scale, and must be younger than 26. Additionally, students must commit to work in Serbia for at least 5 years after finishing their graduate studies.

Scholarship will be awarded based on the student's GPA and the prestige of the university to which they apply. Also, one thousand university seniors will be awarded €250 a month.

The secretary of the Serbian Student Union, Marko Milovanović, is satisfied with this action, but also notes that it would be better if economic needs of students were taken into account as well.

The Fund for Young Talents will provide funding to about 2.5% of students in Serbia.