Saudi Arabia and Tunisia share dramatic draw in Group H

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sixty-six thousand in the Allianz Arena, Munich, saw a dramatic finish to Tunisia and Saudi Arabia's Group H tie.

Saudi Arabia lost 8-0 to Germany in their first game in the World Cup of 2002 but looked more composed against Tunisia, Wednesday, when they overcame a goal deficit to lead before Roger Lemerre's North African team grabbed an injury time equaliser.

Allianz Arena, Munich

Two different styles were evident as Brazilian coach Marcos Paqueta set his Saudi Arabian side up playing a short passing game. Tunisia, nicknamed by fans the Carthage Eagles, were strong on set plays and used long balls to reach striker Zaid Jaizi.

Jaizi missed an opportunity with an early header from a corner but scored after 23 minutes when a set play from the right was not cleared. Jaizi was patient and waited for the ball to drop then kicked it on the volley in controlled sissor motion.

In the first half Saudi Arabia did not test the Tunisian defence as they did in the second when they were able to score twice on the breakaway. Their best shot was on 37 minutes from a Nawaf Al Temyat free kick. Ali Boumnijel saved.

The goal came from the side in the all green strip in the 57th minute from a beautiful sweeping move down the Tunisian left flank. The ball, crossed low into the box, met Yasser Al-Kahtani who had rushed in at the near post. The striker's deft touch was soon followed by a net that billowed high behind Boumnijel.

Though they were vulnerable to high balls into the penalty area Saudi Arabia were disciplined in defense and did not get cautioned in the game. They conceded just six shots at goal of which only the two that were goals were on target; the Saudis themselves achieved double those statistics at the other end.

The 84th minute goal that put Saudi Arabia in the lead was scored by Sami Al Jaber. Two minutes earlier he had joined the action as substitute for the younger Al-Kahtani. One of his first touches was to beat Boumnijel in a one-on-one.

The dramatic finish had four minutes of injury time. In the 92st minute the joint of crossbar and post stopped a deflected Saudi Arabian free kick making the score 2-1.

Then, in the 93rd minute, another long ball found its way to Tunisia's best player, Jaizi. In line with the goal Jaizi chipped to Radhi Jaïdi who leaped high and headed powerfully downwards. The ball went underneath Mabrouk Zair's grasp and the score was 2-2.


Group H

June 14, 2006
  Tunisia 2–2   Saudi Arabia Allianz Arena
Jaziri 23'
Jaïdi 93'
Al Kahtani 57'
Al Jaber 84'

Attendance: 66'000

Referee: Mark Shield (Australia)    


  • 01 A Boumnijel
  • 03 K Haggui 35'  
  • 06 H Trabelsi
  • 15 R Jaidi
  • 18 D Jemmali
  • 12 J Mnari
  • 13 R Bouazizi 36'   (Substituted: 54' M Nafti)
  • 14 A Chedli 65'   (Substituted: 69' K Ghodhbane)
  • 20 H Namouchi
  • 05 Z Jaziri
  • 09 Y Chikhaoui 79'   (Substituted: 82' K Essediri)

Saudi Arabia

  • 21 M Zaid
  • 02 A Dokhi
  • 03 R Tukar
  • 04 H Al Montashari
  • 13 H Sulimani
  • 06 O Al Ghamdi
  • 08 M Noor (Substituted: 75' M Ameen )
  • 14 S Khariri
  • 16 K Aziz
  • 18 N Al Temyat (Substituted: 66' M Mouath )
  • 20 Y Al Kahtani (Substituted: 82' S Al Jaber )

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