San Francisco hit-and-run suspect caught after lying

Monday, June 7, 2010

A suspect in a hit-and-run located in San Francisco, California, was arrested after hitting four cyclists and, two days later, lying to the police. Over the course of six minutes, the 39-year-old man hit four people with his car and then ran off when his car crashed into another vehicle and hit a pole. The investigators tracked down the man's address with the evidence found in the car; however, as he had moved, they were unable to find him.

The suspect later told the police at Albany Police Station that his car was stolen, and after the police identified that as a lie, he was arrested. The police believes that the victims were deliberately targeted, although the motive remains a mystery. The suspect is currently in hospital for medical and psychological testing.

"I was only a block from my house and I saw something coming at me, from the corner of my eye. I managed to swing out of the way and avoid the full brunt of an impact," said one of the victims, Rory Madden. "It doesn't make any sense that anybody would do that, so whatever he has to say is not going to make sense." The other three men were hospitalized, two in serious condition and one in fair condition.

The attack left bicycles crumpled and some cars damaged, one severely, according to San Francisco police spokeswoman, Lyn Tomkioka. "We're just really glad that he's been arrested," she said. Mayor Gavin Newsom and the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition condemned the attack, stating that there are currently efforts to make San Francisco "one of the most bike-friendly cities in the country".