Russia: Runaway bus kills at least four in entrance to Moscow Metro station

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Yesterday, at least four were killed and eleven were injured near the Slavyansky Bulvar Metro station in Moscow, Russia, after a bus ran down the steps at the entrance, officials stated. According to an emergency services source reported through state news media, fifteen were injured, and five died in the incident.

The incident happened in an icy situation. The bus drove onto the pavement and down the steps leading to the station. The police reportedly arrested the driver. News agencies reported the driver was not under the influence of alcohol. The driver told investigators the bus suddenly moved, and although he tried to stop it, the brakes did not work. A reported emergency services source said the accident might be due to brake failure.

According to Interfax news agency, the bus was less than a year old. Moscow's mayor Sergei Sobyanin said he had ordered all Moscow buses to be inspected.