Romanian band to hold concert for tsunami victims

Friday, January 21, 2005

Romanians have reached out to the Indian Ocean tsunami victims in a series of public fundraising events

The Romanian band Sarmalele Reci have decided to join the bandwagon of aid toward the victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami by holding a concert in Bucharest on Sunday, January 23. The concert will be held at the Palace Hall. The band will donate all of the proceeds from the concert to the tsunami relief effort.

Soloist Zoli Andras said that, "This is a good exercise for the Western man who lives in a society with a much higher living standard than in many regions of Asia." The aim of the band in this concert is "to take [people] out of their daily selfishness and make them think a little about their fellows in Asia who were struck by fate."

In the month of January, Romanians have organised a wide series of events, many of them featuring celebrities, to raise funds for the victims of the tsunami. A telethon was organised last Sunday, January 16, and, on the same Sunday as the Sarmalele Reci concert, Romanian artists will auction off their works to raise money for the disaster victims.

The concert is part of a campaign by Televiziunea Română, the Romanian national broadcaster, to involve the Romanian public in the fundraising effort.

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