Rolling Stone prints story based on Wikipedia vandalism

Friday, December 22, 2006

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Halle Berry

Rolling Stone, one of the music industry's foremost publications, has found itself reporting false news gleaned from a Wikipedia article.

The online edition of the magazine's Rock & Roll Daily released an article entitled "Halle Berry Set to Ruin Reputation..." on December 11, reporting on the news that the actor had announced her intentions to release a musical album.

The story was quickly picked up by The Washington Post, All Headline News, and other news agencies eager to report on the Academy Award-winning actress' foray into the musical world.

The only trouble is, according to one of the album's alleged producers, Scott Storch, there is no such album...and he definitely hasn't produced three songs for it.

A Wikipedia editor known only as "Ciii" registered on the site on December 1, and then quietly updated the actress' article on the free encyclopaedia, to include mention of a fictitious interview allegedly given in the December issue of Ebony magazine, in which Berry allegedly was quoted saying "I've always loved to sing and this album will show people that I can do more than act."