Riot police arrest Belarusian opposition leader Kozulin

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Presidential candidate Aleksandr Kozulin, leader of the Belarusian opposition against President Alexander Lukashenko, has been arrested by Belarusian police, according to witness reports at a march. The march was being held to protest the arrests of 200 fellow demonstrators who are being held at a detention center in the area. Witnesses stated that Kozulin was pulled out of a crowd of protestors and arressted by riot police at the scene.

Interfax news agency stated that Aleksandr Milinkevitch was also arrested. Sergei Voznyak, a press secretary for Milinkevitch, has since stated, "A few minutes ago I spoke to Milinkevich's aides. He has not been arrested and is in safety." He also commented that the personal spokesman for Milinkevitch, Pavel Mazheiko, had been arrested.