Reward against terrorists in Greece

Wednesday, March 21, 2007 File:Gropius Athens.JPG

United States Embassy building, in Athens
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The Greek ministries of Public Order and Economy announced that they offer the amount of 800,000 euros to those who will submit information that could help authorities in the fight against local terrorism. More specifically, as Greek police stated, everybody who has information about the Revolutionary Struggle (ELA) terrorist far-left organization, can call (within Greece) the police numbers, 170 and 1014.

This effort by the Greek government has been fully supported by the Embassy of the United States in Athens which, in a statement, announced that offers up to $1 million to those who will significantly help towards the capture of terrorists. As the Embassy stated, "you can help bring terrorists to justice and save lives by providing valuable information to resolve past acts of terrorism or prevent future ones".

The Revolutionary Struggle is regarded as a spinoff of the notorious terrorist group November 17th; the members of which were captured in 2003. ELA took responsibility for a rocket attack against the US Embassy in Athens, on January 12, 2007.