Reverend Billy Joe Daugherty dies at the age of 57

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Founder of the Victory Christian Centre, Billy Joe Daugherty died aged 57 on Sunday 4:40 am. This followed a short battle with lymphoma. The death was announced by church officials during morning services that day.

Adam Sanders, Daugherty’s son-in-law spoke about his final hours during the morning services saying, "We don’t sorrow as the world sorrows, as one without hope [...] We celebrate his life, but at the same time there is sorrow, there is grieving". His other son-in-law, Caleb Wehrli, spoke emotionally about how the family worshipped up until the end.

The Victory Christian Centre is one of the largest churches in Oklahoma with around seventeen thousand members.

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma Daugherty also founded the Christian Centre in Tulsa and the Victory Bible Institute. His work included involvement with a missionary training centre which has sent over one thousand missionaries to several countries around the world. Author, with his wife, of several books he also appeared in his own TV show, Victory in Jesus.

Daugherty made national news in 2005 when punched at an altar call. The attack required two stitches, but Daugherty chose not to press charges despite visiting his assailant in jail where the inmate showed no remorse; Daugherty penned a book about this incident in his life.

The memorial service is planned for the 30th of this month.