Reports say body of missing US soldier found in Iraq

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Reports say that the body of a United States soldier has been found in the Euphrates River in Iraq and that it is the body of one of three U.S. soldiers who were believed to be taken captive by Iraqi insurgents on May 12.

The U.S. military has not confirmed that the body is that of a U.S. soldier, but it does confirm that the body is in the custody of the U.S. military.

"We are in possession of the body. We have not identified the body. We will give the truth to the families first," said U.S. military in Iraq public affairs officer, Maj. Webster Wright who also added that internet connections in the area have been cut off to stop the spreading of rumors about the body.

Iraqi civilians found the body and immediately called Iraqi Police who then called the U.S. military. The body is reported to have two bullet holes in the head, one in the chest, and is dressed in a U.S. military uniform. Reports also say that the body had a tattoo on the left hand or arm of the unidentified remains.

A patrol boat police officer, who claims to have seen the body, told Reuters that the head showed signs of torture. Also, he deemed that deceased was killed about a week ago.

On Monday May 12, a patrol of U.S. soldiers were attacked and at least 4 were killed along with one Iraqi soldier. Three others were believed to have been kidnapped. The body was found in the town of Musayyib by Iraqi Police about 40 miles south of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad.