Report claims that Pakistani cricket coach Bob Woolmer was poisoned

Monday, April 30, 2007

Bob Woolmer
May 14, 1948 - March 18, 2007

Pakistani cricket coach Bob Woolmer, who was found dead in his hotel room after the shock loss of the Pakistani cricket team to lowly-ranked Ireland during the Cricket World Cup, was poisoned before being strangled, according to a TV report due to be broadcast on the BBC News programme Panorama.

According to the programme, a toxicology report prepared after Woolmer's death indicates that he had a substance in his bloodstream which would have incapacitated him, leaving him helpless. This would explain how Woolmer, a large man over six feet tall, was strangled with little sign of a struggle.

Speculation has been rife in the cricketing community that Woolmer's death is connected to match fixing, a practice which rocked the sport in the late 1990s. Jamaican police, however, have consistently refused to comment as to whether they have any leads on the case.

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