Rachel Rice wins Big Brother UK's 2008 series

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The logo for this series of Big Brother

Rachel Rice has won the 2008 series of Big Brother. The trainee teacher won the ninth series with 51.3% of the final vote. She defeated blind radio producer Mikey Hughes despite him being the bookies favourite. Others eliminated on the night included Sara Folino, Rex Newmark and Darnell Swallow.

As well as training to be a teacher Rice is also an actress and model. She has appeared in the television adaptions of novels The Prince and the Pauper and The History of Mr Polly as well as the film Night Train to Venice. She came second in the 2003 contest of Miss Wales. She was beaten by Imogen Thomas who appeared in the 2006 series of Big Brother.

This years series brought on controversy and media watchdog Ofcom and Channel 4 had collectively received over 433 complaints about housemate Alexandra De-Gale. She was later removed for intimidating housemates. Dance teacher Dennis McHugh was removed after he spat in the face of housemate Mohamed Mohamed.

This series has been the lowest rated series of all with an average viewing of 3.2 million people. This is an average of 300,000 less than last year. The series started out strong with around 5.4 million viewers but soon started to decline. The show has been reinstated for another series next year.