Queensland government not doing enough on water: Poll

Monday, June 11, 2007

A poll conducted by galaxy for Brisbane's Courier Mail newspaper has found Queenslanders do not believe the Beattie government is doing enough to secure water supplies in drought affected South-Eastern Queensland.

The poll found 83 percent of voters believe the government is not doing enough to solve the state's water crisis with 76 percent believing the supply of water to South-East Queensland is poor or very poor.

As a further blow to the Beattie government, two-thirds of voters believed that the promised water grid would not be completed on time. The water grid will allow for the sharing of water across Queensland's South-East and includes the supply of recycled water to industry.

Speaking at the Bundamba Water Treatment Facility, Premier Beattie promised that the water gird would be completed on time regardless of cost. "We will deliver this water grid and we will deliver it on time and we will get through this drought," he said.

The Bundamba facility will deliver 20 megalitres of water per day to the Swanbank power station instead of from Wivenhoe Dam.

The states Deputy Premier Anna Bligh was also positive about Queensland's water grid. Speaking of the Bundama facility, she said the operation of the water grid would commence in 10 weeks.

"We are just 10 weeks away from beginning of the operation of The Official Queensland Water Grid," Ms Bligh said.

Ms Bligh also reassured Queenslanders that the Tarong power station will be receiving recycled water within the next 12 months, with recycled drinking water being used after that.

"We are only just 12 months away now from the next part, which is water to Tarong and in October next year, this equipment will be delivering drinking water into our dams," said Ms Bligh.