Production of GM soy crops surges in Romania

Tuesday, February 8, 2005

The average production of genetically-modified soy crops in Romania grew by approximately 25% last year

BUCHAREST, Romania —The average production of genetically-modified (GM) soy grew by 50 tonnes to 250 tonnes per square kilometre last year, said Constantin Sin from the Romanian Ministry of Agriculture. Soy is the only GM crop allowed in Romania for commercial purposes. Additionally, the area cultivated with the modified soy increased from 396 km² in 2003 to 581 km² in 2004. GM soy is mainly farmed in southeastern Romania, in the counties of Brăila, Călăraşi and Ialomiţa.

In 1996, the European Union endorsed the import of transgenic soy, and, in 2004, the green light was given for the sale of new genetically-modified products which were used for animal breeding. Globally, the largest producers of genetically-modified soy are the United States of America, Argentina and Brazil.