President of the LDS Church dies at age 97

Monday, January 28, 2008

Gordon B. Hinckley.

President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or the "Mormon Church," Gordon B. Hinckley, died at the age of 97 due to "causes incident to age" at 7pm MST on Sunday, surrounded by family. President Hinckley led the church through a period of growth for 13 years, during which church membership grew from 9 million to more than 13 million. He is noted for one of the most ambitious temple building programs in church history with 122 temples active and 9 more announced and under construction. With the death of President Hinckley, the First Presidency was dissolved and the Quorum of the Twelve became the governing body of the church.

The First Presidency of the church was dissolved and his two counselors, Presidents Thomas S. Monson and Henry B. Eyring, will now take the places of first and 11th respectively in the 14 member quorum. In the days after President Hinckley's funeral, quorum members will sustain a new church president. The quorum's senior apostle and president, President Monson, will likely succeed President Hinckley.