Poll finds support for Australian PM

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard

In the latest Newspoll to be released by "The Australian" newspaper Australian Prime Minister John Howard has been favoured by the majority of those polled in the leadership tension with Deputy PM Peter Costello. Mr Howard polled 66% support (up 4% from April) compared to Mr Costello with 20% (Down 4% from April). Coalition voters polled stronger support for Howard than non-coalitoin voters (88% for Mr Howard to 10% to Mr Costello). Mr Howard leads the opposition leader Kim Beazley 53% to 27%- down from 56% to 25% in April. Nevertheless the Labor Party, led by Mr Beazley, was ahead of the Coalition 52% to 48% on a two party preferred basis indicating a that Labor may win an election should Mr Howard choose to step down as PM as Mr Beazley retains a 44% to 33% lead over the Deputy PM in the poll.

In the same poll, 35% of those surveyed believed Mr Howard's version of the alleged "Leadership deal" meeting, and 65% believe Mr Costello.