Police investigate Youtube video of two year old 'on ecstacy'

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ecstasy tablets.

The FBI and Jackson County police have tracked down the people who videotaped a two year old girl, unsecured and unresponsive in the back seat floorboard of a moving van. In the video, it is suggested that the child had been given the drug ecstasy.

In the video which was taken off YouTube, the toddler was not in a child seat, appeared unresponsive and was rolling her eyes so only her whites showed. There were comments made in the video that the little girl may have been given ecstasy - one teen in the van said "Cookie, stop rolling, girl" and "you shouldn't have popped no x". 'X' is a slang term for ecstasy.

Police tracked down the people involved via the MySpace and YouTube accounts used to post the video. The local police say it will be hard to prove if she was really given ecstasy since the drug is metabolised by the body within 48 hours.

In addition to the infant, three adults and four teens are seen in the video, with the camera being passed around between them. The van was being driven by the 21-year-old mother of the child. The mother, adults and teens are being questioned by the local police while the children are being taken care of by other family members.