Police call off search for missing woman in Georgia, USA

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

The Georgia police have called off the search for missing Irwin County school history teacher Tara Grinstead, after more than two weeks. Ocilla, Georgia Police Chief Billy Hancock is reported as saying that volunteers and public safety officials have completed their search of the county, a search that spanned 358 miles and that involved cadaver dogs, horses, helicopters, four-wheelers, people on foot, and the assistance of more than 50 public safety agencies.

Hancock is reported as saying that searchers found some clothes, but that there is no indication that they are actually Grinstead's.

Grinstead, aged 30, was first reported missing on October 24, 2005. Her unlocked car was outside of her home, but, according to police reports, her pocketbook and keys were missing. She was last seen on October 22, 2005. Both the clothes that she was wearing when she was last seen and her cell phone were found at her home.

Anota Garris, Grinstead's sister, has said that civilian searches will continue. A US$80,000 reward has been offered for her safe return.