Police arrest roof-climbing graduate of high school in Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hopkinton, Massachusetts police yesterday arrested a former student of the Hopkinton High School who had entered the school and climbed the roof.

Christopher Stevens, 19, a graduate of Hopkinton High School, entered the school around dismissal time, carrying a baseball bat and chain, smoking a cigarette. Stevens headed towards the library and was trailed by school administrators. Although the buliding was mostly clear, those still left in the buliding were told to leave immediately. Stevens then broke some windows and climbed onto the school's roof. Stevens told officials he took some medicine and was suicidal.

Stevens suffered cuts on his hands; when a police officer tended to his cuts on his hands, the officer grabbed him and pulled him down to a lower section of the roof. He was then lowered down from the roof in a rescue basket where he was placed in a ambulance to be taken to at Leonard Morse Hospital in Natick, Massachusetts to be treated for the cuts on his hands and the medicine overdose.

Stevens has yet to be charged. However, he will most likely face charges. The incident is under investigation and police are not sure what made Stevens come back to the high school. No other students were injured.