Plane lands safely in Seoul after losing radar, nose and windows in storm

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Map of location of Seoul

An Asiana Airlines Airbus aircraft made an emergency landing Friday night and landed safely without its nose, radar and windows. The plane landed at the airport of Seoul. The plane lost parts in a severe storm between Cheju island and Seoul.

Hail also destroyed the plane's cockpit windows that were made of security glass. The windows remained in place but the pilots were unable to see through the glass. The radar could have solved the problem, but was also damaged by the storm. The pilots decided to use two very small windows on both sides of the cockpit.

The plane was carrying 200 people, including 177 students of primary education schools on a school trip, a spokesman of Asiana Airlines said Saturday.

The pilots Lee Chan-go and Kim Yong-ik will be rewarded because they landed the plane safely despite all the problems.

No one was injured in the incident.