Piers Morgan interviewed by police investigating phone hacking

Friday, February 14, 2014

Piers Morgan, former editor of the Daily Mirror
Image: Dr GL Johnson.

Piers Morgan, former editor of UK newspaper the Daily Mirror and now an anchor on US-based CNN, was interviewed under caution by UK police as part of an investigation into phone hacking named Operation Golding. The interview was revealed today but was conducted on December 6.

He was the sixth journalist from the Mirror Group to be questioned under caution or arrested in connection with allegations of phone hacking. Morgan was not arrested. Neither Trinity Mirror nor CNN have made any statement regarding Morgan's police questioning.

Morgan gave a statement: "In early November I was asked to attend an interview by officers from Operation Weeting when I was next in the UK. This was further to a full witness statement I had already freely provided. I attended that interview as requested on 6 December 2013."

In 2011, the Leveson Inquiry was told by James Hipwell, a former financial reporter at the Daily Mirror, that phone hacking was used routinely at the newspaper, and that it formed a "bog-standard tool" for investigating entertainment stories.