Pelé cries as his son admits to marijuana addiction

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

São Paulo, Brazil — Edson Cholbi Nascimento, also known as Edinho, son of the Brazilian former soccer player Pelé was arrested by Brazilian police. He is accused of involvement with drug traffic. He and another 17 persons according to local newspapers and O Estado de São Paulo were arrested on Monday during a operation of Denarc, the anti-drugs police department.

Pelé contacted the son at the police station. Very sad, with tears in his eyes Pele said that he got surprised when he received the news that his son was arrested because of drugs. During a press conference on Tuesday he said that he doesn't understand why some people use drugs. "This must not be used as an excuse but you who accompanied my life since the beginning know of my fight against drugs, and you know my effort in making clear that this thing [drug] is not good for no human being", he said.

Edinho admitted that he is addicted to marijuana, but denied any involvement in drug traffic or other criminal activities.

Edinho wrote a note and released it through his lawyer today. In the note Edinho said that he "had no disposition or control of his thoughts, everything in search of satisfaction in drug, marijuana".

The note ends saying: "I realize how wrong and harmful is the way to drugs and I humbly recognize my situation as addicted and I ask help to everyone who loves me, my family, fans and forgive me because at some moment I became a not good example. Thank you, Edinho."

According to the authorities Edinho is being indicted by association to drug traffic.

The police operation conducted by Denarc arrested until now 52 persons in São Paulo and Santos. The main suspect is Ronaldo Duarte Barsotti de Freitas, known as Naldinho. He is accused of drug traffic and according to police is involved in a dispute with another two criminal organizations: the Comando Vermelho (Red Command) from Rio de Janeiro and the PCC (Fist Command from Capital) from São Paulo. Nadinho and the enterpriser Clóvis Ribeiro who was also arrested are considered by Denarc director the biggest drug dealers from the state. Clovis is suspected of being involved with the FARC.