Pan-Green and Pan-Blue Coalitions battled intensively before the 2008 Legislators' Election in Taiwan

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The "Gate of Great Centrality and Perfect Uprightness" in the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall.

Before the Legislative Elections and Presidential Election in Taiwan, conflicts between the Pan-Green and Pan-Blue Coalitions were more and more intensive. Some politicians participated in the trade fair at the Taipei World Trade Center earlier, and Annette Lu, vice-president of the Republic of China, and Chen Shui-bian, president of the Republic of China, were never booed by some citizens because of the hot topic of commodities prices. This time, the Taipei City Government has battled to the Executive Yuan with some opinion on the "Gate of Great Centrality and Perfect Uprightness" in the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and the voting process of the Legislative Elections.

In fact, the conflicts on the naming issue from Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall to National Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall was never a hot topic because governments like Executive Yuan still supported the movement of "Removing Chiang-Kai-shek-related things". After the Ministry of Education planned to remove four Chinese Words in the "Gate of Great Centrality and Perfect Uprightness", the Taipei City Mayor Lung-pin Hau was angered over this. With those hot issues above, some Pan-Greens criticized that Hau equaled to the PRC.

Hau Lung-pin.
Chen Shui-Bian.

Not only the issue of Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, but 18 divisions controlled by the KMT Mayors or Magistrates demonstrated that on the Central Election Commission on the voting process of the Legislative Elections. The Premier of ROC Chun-hsiung Chang stressed: "If any division violates our (meant to Executive Yuan) policy to hold the Legislative Elections, and "officials in those divisions won't get the retirement payment in the future!" This word caused conflicts between the two main Coalitions. With some rumors on the "Protest" and Chen Shui-bian was registered currently in Taipei City, Chen angered those opposes and directly said: "I would like to confiscate elections on those DAMN (meant to Pan-Blue) divisions."

As Hau replied, "Rather not giving any votes" to Chen, Chen replied to Hau again: "What a DAMN world? What a DAMN place? What a DAMN mayor? What's the hell? What a DAMN innocence? The public have rights to vote, why NOT to give votes? If Hau is DARE not giving votes, I'd like to obey the law and take the votes!" Those phenomenas will still effect the 2008 Taiwan Presidential Elections.