Over 700 feared dead after ferry hit by typhoon

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Typhoon Fengshen

It is feared that over 700 people have died after a ferry in the Philippines capsized after being hit by Typhoon Fengshen. So far, 38 people from the ferry have been found alive. Some people were washed onto the shore. One of the survivors, Reynato Lanoria, a janitor on the ferry, said that about 100 people jumped into the ocean.

The ferry left Manila en route to Cebu on Friday, and according to the owners, Sulpicio Lines, contact was lost at about 12:30 local time Saturday.

A rescue ship was sent to rescue the survivors, although this only happened 24 hours after contact was lost with the boat.

One of the survivors described the incident. "There were many of us who jumped overboard, but we were separated because of the big waves," he said.

He continued, "The others were also able to board the life rafts, but it was useless because the strong winds flipped them over."


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