Oral Roberts calls 'emergency meeting'

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Oral Roberts, founder and former faith healer, called an "emergency meeting" to reinstate Richard Roberts as president of Oral Roberts University. Richard stepped down last month when he was accused of illegal political contributions, financial wrong-doing, and wrongful firings in a lawsuit.

On Wednesday Oral called an 'emergency meeting' for the faculty following the previous "no confidence" vote. At the recent meeting Oral asked for the faculty who were willing to forgive and start fresh to "stand up." Donald Vance, a professor of Bible studies, said that when no one person at the meeting stood, Oral Roberts asked one of them, "'Are you not ready to start over?'"

Vance reported, "The faculty member said, "I don't know what that means, to start over."

"'I would think that would be obvious,'" Oral Roberts responded.

After that, Vance stated "No, Chancellor Roberts, it's not clear, are you asking us to rescind our three motions?" Then Oral Roberts said that the faculty should drop it.

Following the meeting Provost Mark Lewandoswki wrote a letter to ORU Board of Regents promising to step down if Richard Roberts returns as president. Tulsa World reported that the atompshere at ORU is "divise" noting that when Regent chairman George Pearsons, took his position in May he said in an address to the board: "I am standing here today because the Lord clearly spoke to me and said, ‘Do whatever Richard Roberts asks you to do.'"

The school declined to comment on the meetings.

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