One dead after small plane crashes near Phoenix

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Cirrus SR 22 aircraft has crashed near Phoenix, Arizona, killing one person.
Image: Ad Meskens.

The pilot of a small plane that crahed into a warehouse near Deer Valley Airport in Phoenix, Arizona has been confirmed dead.

The plane veered off the airport runway early Wednesday, shortly before landing, and then slammed into a pest-control building a quarter-mile away, bursting into flames. The cause of the crash is unknown, and no one knows how many passengers were in the plane. The small plane was a four-seat single-engine Cirrus SR 22, which is built out of a composite of plastics and fiberglass.

Cindy Cross, a witness of the crash, said that "there was just a horrible black plume of smoke. We knew that it had hit a building and that it was bad because it wasn't a normal fire."

The Deer Valley Airport serves general aviation and hosts an aviation school. It is unknown if the flight was a training flight or not.