Olympics organisers insist London win in 2012 ballot was fair

Monday, December 26, 2005

According to the Scotsman newspaper, the directors of the 2012 London Olympics have insisted that the city won the right to host the games "fairly and squarely" after claims were touted by an Israeli official that a "potentially decisive vote was cast in error by an International Olympic Committee (IOC) official".

The Israeli official, Alex Gilady, claims that in the third round of voting, Greek delegate Lambis Nikolaou may have accidentally voted for Paris rather than Madrid, resulting in eliminating Madrid rather than Paris from the final round.

London spokesmen and bid leaders have dismissed the claims as "folklore stories", "totally irrelevant" and "tittle-tattle", while the CEO of the Madrid bid told the London Times, "We were very close to winning. We can never know if the Greek vote would have been decisive, but it is lamentable for one human error to have ruined all our hard work."