Officials of Fanmi Lavalas party threaten boycott

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Officials of the Fanmi Lavalas party in Haiti threatened boycott of the upcoming general elections if one of their party leaders, Father Gerard Jean-Juste, is not released from jail. Jean-Juste is being jailed, arrested a month ago on July 21, in relation to the murder of journalist. The Fanmi Lavalas party is currently divided among moderate factions and those with closer ties to former President Aristide.

Jean-Juste is believed to be a favorite presidential candidate for the party. A representative of the party, Gerald Gilles, commented saying, "after several consultations, the masses that we represent and the base of the party claim Father Jean-Juste as their presidential candidate. So he will be our candidate," and "we say loud and clear (that) we'll boycott the elections if Jean-Juste, and many other political prisoners that are potential candidates for our party, are not released."

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