Obama gives check to Clinton campaign

Friday, June 27, 2008

The process of reconciliation and unifying the Democratic party started at the ballroom of the Mayflower hotel in Washington, DC with presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama and his wife both individually issuing a check amounting to $2,300 to the Hillary Clinton for President committee.

New York Senator and former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton introduced to her fund contributors Illinois Senator Barack Obama as the first step of unifying the two sides who quite recently bitterly fought over winning the Democratic party's nomination.

Hillary Clinton appealed to her supporters to help Barack Obama and pledged that she will personally help in defeating the presidential plans of Republican presumptive Presidential candidate, Arizona senator John McCain.

Mrs. Clinton asked for nothing in exchange for her support of Obama, but Obama instead countered with a gesture of contributing to Mrs. Clinton campaign that is now burdened by debt. Obama signaled his own contributors to help Clinton pay off the debt incurred by her campaign.