Nominees of 2007 Taiwan Sports Elite Awards announced and acknowledged

Monday, September 3, 2007

Nominees of 2007 Taiwan Sports Elite Awards were announced last week and acknowledged by main organizer Sports Affairs Council, Executive Yuan of R.O.C., Taiwan (abbr. as SAC Taiwan) today. In this nominee acknowledgment, the organizer invited Dance Department of Taipei Physical Education College (TPEC) and Music Band of National Taiwan University of Arts (NTUA) for the Opening Show.

Jongher Yang (Commissioner of SAC Taiwan) said that "Taiwan Sports Elite Awards" is built for Sportspeople, Coaches, Teams who contributed for more years or had a great achievement in some of international or national sports events, and to promote public and basic sports in Taiwan. This award is held every Sports Day in Taiwan from 1999, and it's now the 9th year. Yang believed that citizens witnessed achievements of those nominees of "2007 Taiwan Sports Elite Awards" whether they are winning awards or not.

Also, Thomas Tsai (President of the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee) announced that Chi-en Tseng won "Lifetime Achievement Award" because of his long-period contribution on baseball in Taiwan, such as Brother Elephants of Chinese Professional Baseball League, and basic level baseball in Taiwan.

After this nominee acknowledgment, the main organizer SAC Taiwan announced that the glass award of 2007 Taiwan Sports Elite Awards with circle motion who symbolized harmony, unite, and great achievement was designed and casted by Heinrich Wang (Owner and Founder of Tittot Co., Ltd.), and the main award ceremony will be held in the evening of September 9 at Kaohsiung Municipal Social Education Center.

List of Nominees

  • Basic Sport Contribution Award: Yu-hsin Lin, Jui-ken Pan, Wu-hsiung Huang, Shen Tung
  • Public Sports Promotion Award: YungShin Group, ING Antai, Ping-yen Yang, King Liu
  • Best Sports Team Award: Chinese Taipei Baseball Team of 2006 Asian Games, Chinese Taipei Women Softball Team, Chinese Taipei Women Archery Team, Chinese Taipei Archery Team
  • Best Coach Award: Chih-hsien Yeh, Ching-hung Sung, Chen-hsien Lin, Ling-yao Hung, Chia-hsing Chang
  • Best Sportswoman Award: Chia-Jung Chuang, Hsin-mei Liu, Yuan-chun Lin, Shu-jun Yang, Rosa Chien
  • Best Sportsman Award: Yu-chi Sung, Ming-huang Chang, Cheng-bun Wang, Chin-lung Hu, Cheng-wei Kuo
  • Best Sportsmanship Award: Hsiu-chen Chiang, Chin-yuan Ng, Wen-chang Cheng.

List of Award Winners (Current)

  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Chi-en Tseng.


This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.
This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.