New video released shows BBC journalist Alan Johnston wearing 'explosive belt'

Monday, June 25, 2007

Alan Johnston in the most recent video wearing explosives.

A new video has been released by the kidnappers of BBC News reporter Alan Johnston, who was kidnapped while returning from work in Gaza City 105 days ago.

In the video Johnston is shown wearing what the reporter says is an "explosive belt" around his waist. He continues to say "the kidnappers say [the belt] will be detonated if there is any attempt to storm this area. They say they're ready to turn the hideout into what they describe as a death zone if there is an attempt to free me by force."

Both the BBC and Alan's family were "distressed" by the video and both re-iterated their plea for Alan to be released peacefully.

Johnston, 45 and from Scotland, was kidnapped in Gaza by a militant group calling itself "The Army of Islam" over 14 weeks ago whilst nearing the end of a three year contract there and is, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists, one of 15 journalists abducted from Gaza since 2004. All the others were released, unharmed, within days of their capture.