New look for The Times of London

Monday, November 20, 2006

The Times newspaper announced today the sixth change in [[w:Typeface|fount in the paper’s 221 years history, and the introduction of a new coat of arms in the masthead.

The need for the latest change in fount was prompted by the adoption of a "compact" paper size in 2004. The new fount, Times Modern, replaces Times Classic and, with more letters per line, the paper's head of design, David Driver, writes that it "...allows for more articulation in the process of writing". Readers are assured that the change is "not a reckless impulse but reading conditions for many people have become less leisurely".

The masthead and insignia have also been redesigned. The historic problem of depicting the lion in the masthead as fierce is addressed by engraver Ewina Ellis. She told Driver, "It is very difficult to make a facing lion fierce — or even faintly cross. They can weep, grin and hold door-knocker rings quite easily, but in comparison to the unicorn with its horn, goat-beard, spiky ears and flowing mane, their silhouette is lumpen. I pitied the poor engravers who had no more seen a lion than a unicorn."