New South Wales water supply problems continue

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Pejar dam near Goulburn, New South Wales

The inland city of Goulburn is still facing major water restrictions despite an easing in drought in the State over the past few months. The water levels in the city's dam, the Pejar Dam, are still very low at 11% full, with the total water supply at 32% capacity in comparison to 36% capacity over the same period last year. Available capacity for the city at 31 October 2005 was still under 20% and the water consumption rate of the city is approximately half compared with the five-year average.

Above average rainfalls in September 2005 have delayed some of the harder decisions facing the town in the middle of the year, such as the closing down of industries dependent on water usage. In May 2005, Pejar Dam was at 10% of its capacity and the town was looking at running out of water within eight months. There had been no significant rainfall since December 2004 and the dam was last full in November 2000.