New Jersey gives $270 million to Stem Cell Research Center

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Governor Jon Corzine announced a bill that would provide $270 million to stem cell research. He announced, "I don't want New Jersey to join the crowd of stem cell research states, I want New Jersey to lead it."

BusinessWeek reports that the announcement came two days after Corzine announced that the state will give out $10 million in research grants next year, including $7 million for stem cell research.

Below is a summary of the fund allocation.

Fund allocation
Funds Recipient
$150 million Rutgers University for a stem cell research institute
$50 million Rutgers-Camden for a biomedical research facility
$50 million New Jersey Institute of Technology (Newark) for a stem cell research facility
$10 million Garden State Cancer Center (Belleville)
$10 million Elie Katz Umbilical Cord Blood Program (Allendale)


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