Naked News to create international language editions

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Naked News logo.
Image: Naked Broadcasting Network.

Last week, Naked News announced that it would dramatically increase its international language mandate to news reporting, with three new broadcasts. Already reporting in English and Japanese, the global organization is launching Spanish, Italian, and Korean-language programs, for television, the web, and mobile devices.

Wikinews interviewed one of the English broadcast's anchors a little while ago, about the program. The broadcasts feature daily news and human interest pieces, presented by an anchor who gradually removes their clothing.

The internationally-focused newscast created a stir upon its launch in 1999, but has since expanded with online viewers in 172 nations. A male version failed shortly after it launched.

Naked News President David Warga commented in a press release that "our intention at Naked News is to be a global media source, much like CNN or BBC World. We are looking forward to expanding into other languages as well, because there is definitely a market demanding our brand of infotainment."

Unlike the foreign stations run by the BBC or CNN, the international broadcasts will not be produced by the company. Branding and practices will be licensed to the other production and distribution companies.

Warga claims that, instead of presenting the naked female form as "fluff-head bimbos", their news organization "encourages society to see women as being smart, powerful, and sophisticated." Despite this, the press release lists hotel rooms as being one of the primary distribution methods; hotels account for a large segment of the pornography industry's broadcast market.

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