NFL: Houston Texans release QB David Carr

Friday, March 23, 2007 The Houston Texans released quarterback David Carr, Friday, ending a turbulent start to his five year old career. Carr was the first overall draft pick of the 2002 NFL Draft, the first pick in Texans history. Carr had struggled in Houston, being sacked 249 times during his tenure as quarterback. Despite throwing 59 touchdowns with the Texans, Carr threw 65 interceptions in the same time, compiling a 75.5 QB rating. Carr had high numbers at Fresno State when the Texans selected him with the first overall pick in 2002. Houston's all time record under David Carr is 8-24.

It became evident that Houston no longer required Carr's services after the organization made a trade with the Atlanta Falcons to acquire QB Matt Schaub earlier this week. The deal included swapping first round picks in the upcoming draft, with the Falcons moving up from 10th to 8th overall pick. After acquiring Schaub, it was announced that he would become the new starting quarterback for the Texans, and that the organization would attempt to trade Carr.

The Texans also released runningback Domanick Williams. Williams, formerly known as Domanick Davis, leaves as the Texans all-time rushing leader with 3,195 rushing yards. Davis spent the entire 2006 NFL season on the injured reserve with a knee injury.