NCAA Sports: Mid-Con name to be dropped in favor of Summit League

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A major change for one of the United States Division I NCAA member conferences was accidentally leaked to the news media a week early. It appears the Mid-Continent Conference has secretly been planning to change its name to the "Summit League," for some time, according to a television report by Indiana's News Center in Fort Wayne.

The secret was planned by the league officials to be revealed in a May 15 news conference, when the Mid-Con was also scheduled to unveil a new conference logo, the television report said.

The local television station said it noticed the change when new 2007-2008 telephone directories were released for Fort Wayne by Verizon Communications. It included an advertisement stating that IPFW, the local NCAA Division I university, would be joining the "Summit League" as a member school in 2007. Previously the university said it was joining the Mid-Continent Conference as of July 1, 2007.

According to the television report, when asked to clarify the matter, IPFW confirmed that the Mid-Con will be changing its name to "Summit League," that the decision had been made some time ago. According to the report, the "Summit League" moniker will take effect in June.